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Sunday, September 6, 2009


YAY! I"m a year older! Don't feel different! LOL I sound like Molly Ringwald in the movie Sixteen Candle. Well yesterday, Fernando took me to get some fish for our pond since our koi and other fish died because it sprung a leak! Well, I got like 3 comets and 1 shasbun (sp?) and some feeder fish. MY BIRTHDAY fish! YAY.

Waking up!.... Went out side and hmmmm my fish are swimming weird on their side! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! My birthday fish died on my Birthday! SOOOO SAD! The store was closed today and closed on labor day but we were told to freeze it and give them a water sample on Tuesday! YES freeze the fish! So i have 4 frozen pond fish in my freezer! LOL!

Well after the shock of my dead fish... we went to the pulga (flea market). I bought this awesome vintage cake saver! SOOO pretty! I love collecting vintage cake savers! I think thats what they are called. Isn't it pretty?? --->

Then came home and got ready and left to see "JULIE & JULIA". It was cute movie.. had to do with blogging and this girl blogging and cooking her way through julia childs cook book! Hmmm I have tons of cookbooks! Wonder if I should do that?? I can do that then post picture of the stuff I make or scrap the stuff I make and post? hmmmm... SEEMS TOO TIME CONSUMING!

Well after the movie, went to CHILI's to eat lunch. Came home around 5 took a nap.. then my family came over to eat a cake i baked a recipe from Paula Deen, which we had a taste when we went to her store in Savannah. Well.. I messed it up and it was tooo sweet! YUK!

I got gift cards to buy new clothes. since my clothes are a bit too big! I've lost a total of about 30lbs so far. My surgery was Aug 20th, i think. I think its pretty good. I bet i would do much better if i exercised. My excuse? Well i had about 3 surgeries in one month! I'm so freaking sore! I had my lapband, hiatal hernia and gallbladder removed! Thats a good excuse, don't you think?

I think it was a good day besides my Fish dying! heheheh Here's a pic of my cake saver! If you now the correct term for it let me know in a comment!

Pleasant Dreams...


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