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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I am sooo SAD!!!

I have been BANNED! I'm not talking about my LAPBAND! MY boyfriend.. just told me I have a problem! I am spending too much $ on my scrapbook and cardmaking supplies. Which I'm sure you all are thinking... HEY you work .. its your MONEY! But its MONEY I don't really have to spend! :( I'd rather buy supplies then EAT..hmmmm but i still haven't lost any more weight!! UGh!! (side tracked--sorry)

I had the PINKSTAMPER Video in my cart at custom crops... i told him he was like.. Kathy... you have a problem.. you do not have money. :( I need to stop charging on my CREDIT card when.. i'm out of my money... :( ugh...

I OHHH SO NEED TO WIN scrap prizes to feed my HABIT!

*** I leave you mourning!!! :( waahh ahhhh waaahahhh !!


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