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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Since it says Weight loss Journal on top!....

OK.. haven't put in anything weight related in a while. Don't know if some of you all know.. but back in July 20th, i had the lapband operation. Which means, i got a band around the top of my stomach. This makes a smaller pouch on top for my food. So i'm suppose to feel fuller sooner.

Well i'm still stuck at 30 lbs lost. I'm am eating less but I could do better.. i'm so in love with food!

Well reason i'm posting this is because i made a revelation yesterday. I was out eating lunch with my mom at this very nice chinese resturant. We placed our lunch order (beef mushroom) then the people with carts were passing by offering dim sum.. Hmmm never had dim sum before.. so we got asian pork spare ribs... (YUM! nice flavor) then shrimp spring rolls. OMG sooo good!

then our lunch we ordered came... hmmm i looked at it... ate one bite then i couldn't anymore.

MY REVELATION?! Before my lapband.. i would of eaten the whole thing! WOWO! I've come a long way! I still need to control my eating.. its hard! 36 years of eating one way then suddenly have to change.. its hard! I love food, I LOVE to cook and bake!

My goal is to start exercising... :( ugh... i have to do it!!!

Just thought i'd share!



At November 8, 2009 at 1:23 PM , Blogger Live Love and Scrap said...

Oh my gosh ROD STEWART is playing...he is my all time FAVORITE....LOVE THAT MAN!!! Have you heard his new album...its GREAT!!!

Sorry, LOL, got distracted!!!

I just wanted to thank you for your honesty and inspiration about your weight loss...I too have struggled for a long time with my weight. I started cutting my calories in April and have lost 32 pounds and I have been stuck at that for over a month =(
It is so frusterating at times...hang in there, we can do this!!! I have to start exercising tooooooo....blech!!!!

Good luck and GO ROD!!! =)

At November 9, 2009 at 12:39 AM , Blogger Live Love and Scrap said...

You are so funny!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your super sweet comments! I got my Glossy Accents at Joanns...I love it...i have been using it on almost everything now! Every project needs that little something extra...have fun!!!
Have fun with your word book...I love to make them. I dont use chipboard so I dont need the deep blade.


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