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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 2 Stamp Release : Positive Thoughts

This is Day 2 of Kristal’s Stamp release.  Today we are showing off Positive Thoughts!!


This stamp will benefite Storefront Children’s Shelter.. 

Excerpt from Kristal’s BLOG:

“Storefront Shelter is my signature charity in which homeless children are found, rescued, and reunited with their parents if possible. If not, they are found new homes and are given intervention so they do not return to the streets. There are youth and children living on the streets; it's been reported that parents will drop their child off downtown, to abandon them. The children have no idea where they are, and no idea how to return home. Children also flee from abusive environments, and live in the streets. Just thinking about if something happened to me, and my children were placed in an abusive children's home, and my children ran away..if they were living on the streets. I can't imagine what it would be like to be a young child on the streets, but I can imagine a way to help them, and this is my way.”

Her three stamp sets are: Fabulous Friends which $1.00 will go to Cancer Angels, Positive Thoughts which $1.00 will to to Storefront Children's Shelter and Freedom Isn't Free which 1.00 will go to Fallen Heroes.

Kristal will have 3 stamps sets coming out by MID JUNE and Pre Order can be done starting on the 31st of May, please <<Click here>> to order and get full details.



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