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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 4: Food for Thought!

Last day of Kristal’s New stamp release!  Today I am showing off Kristal’s FOOD FOR THOUGHT!  Which is something that Fernando has been bugging me.  Suddenly he is like, “I remember when we first moved in together, you use to write love notes and put it in my lunch bag. What happened to those day’s? You did it for a good school year.” uhhhh sorry! 

Well Kristal made this stamps set as sort of a lunch box stamps set to put notes into lunch boxes.. NOw this will make it easier for me to go back to those “GOOD OLE Day’s Fernando is missing! “  LOL he’s such a baby! LOL  

Ok soo time to take a look at this last set!


This stamp set will benefit  Storefront Shelter for Homeless Children.

Her four stamp sets are: Fabulous Friends which $1.00 will go to Cancer Angels, Positive Thoughts which $1.00 will to to Storefront Children's Shelter , Freedom Isn't Free which 1.00 will go to Fallen Heroes, Food For Thought which $1.00 will go to benefit Storefont Shelter for Homeless Children.

Go to her blog and PRE order now to get free shipping you will be helping a great cause!  <<CLICK HERE>>


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