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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DAY 2: K. Andrew Art Stamp Preview!

Ok, Ladies y’all are gonna flip out!  Omgosh..I just love this set! When I saw it.. I was like… I MUST HAVE!  I can’t wait to get this set!  So please go to Kristal’s store and PRE ORDER yours now before she runs out!  Seriously they will run out then you have to wait longer until the 2nd batch comes in.  SO ORDER NOW… ummm your still here!  Order!  Ohhhh.. you need to see it first! LOL my bad!


wingedthingspreview (1)

Click on photo above to go to Kristal’s store to order this awesome stamp set!   Don’t you love those two images?? OHHHH AWESOME!! WINGED THINGS!  LOVE IT!!  This is a mix and match set so there are endless possibilities of sentiments you can make!

Just a reminder for every stamp set Kristal sells, she donates $1 to charity.  The Charity for this stamp set is..Elisabeth Glaser's Pediatric Aids Foundation. As noted in Kristal’s blog:  "This program gives 87.5% to  prevent pediatric HIV infection and to eradicate pediatric AIDS through research, advocacy, and prevention and treatment programs I am proud to support this charity with me donating (I donate EVERY quarter--so I will be donating mid September to all charities) $1 from every stamp set to the Charity listed out of my profit. After all fees, I donate the full $1--so no money is lost, and is given to the people in need.”

This is awesome and touches home. I had two cousins who contracted AIDS when they were kids. They were hemophiliacs who received tainted blood before they they started scanning the blood. They died in their early 20’s but if only they had the drug cocktails they have now.  Back in the 80’s they didn’t have the support or the research to help them.  Thanks Kristal for donating to this awesome Foundation!

~~~ Kathy ~~~

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